Sean Wang




Design Direction



Sean Wang is a filmmaker who crafts deeply moving, beautiful stories that can at once make you laugh, and also hit you in the feels. His latest film is a tribute to his two beloved grandmas, Nǎi Nai (奶奶) & Wài Pó (外婆). Filmed in the pandemic, it introduces us to his grandmas’ endearing personalities (through a bit of hijink), and tells the story of their love for each other and of Sean – something so special – it made me want to hug my own grandparents and hold them close.

Sean invited me to contribute to the film, where I designed and animated the film title, subtitles, and end credits. The film made its world premiere at SXSW, winning both the Documentary Short Jury Award, and Audience Award.

The film has since been nominated for an Academy Award® for ‘Best Documentary Short Film’.

Final design from the film, featuring 'Founder' by Founder Type & 'Bayard' by Vocal Type. As a person from Hong Kong, it was amazing to have the opportunity to design with Chinese for the first time. I even had the chance to typeset my own Chinese name for the end titles – a first for me.

Alternative end credits concept

Streaming on Disney+ and Hulu from February 9th.