Creative Lead

Art Direction



For the release of the new Nike Joyride shoes, the famed shoe brand enlisted Mill X to create an interactive experience at its 5th Ave flagship store – the House of Innovation, in NYC. The experience involved three mini games, where visitors could trial the shoes to test the three pillars of Nike Joyride: Impact Absorption, Responsive & Lightweight and Personalized Cushioning. Additionally, Mill X created the digital store content throughout the 6 storey location, which included a 7K immersive wall as you walked into the store and the screens on the amazing kinetic sculpture by Deep Local.

As co-creative lead with Michael Dunkley, we were tasked with concepting the games that would test each of the three pillars. Mike led the charge from the interactive side, which included building the games, the queuing system and the CG bead renders. While I led design, which meant figuring out the UX flow, UI design and art directing the digital screens. We collaborated closely to create the store experience with the help of our talented team.

Behind the scenes case study by Mill X.

Each game was simple enough to be explained in three short steps and designed to test out one of the three pillars of Nike Joyride. UI design by Joyce N. Ho, UI animation by Eddie Song, instruction design and animation by Pedro Piccinini.

Immersive digital screens were spread out throughout the multi-floor flagship store, from the huge wall that greeted you walked into the store, to multiple screens that were part of the kenetic sculpture.

Preliminary styleframes for the digital content that explored a bright colour palette, combining the Nike House of Innovation brand grids and existing Nike Joyride marketing materials.

The final digital screens incorporated the Nike House of Innovation brand elements, marketing material and the beads from the games itself. Design and animation by Joyce N. Ho and Mikhael Villegas.