Riot Games







Riot Games is one of the leading game developers and the company behind the massive League of Legends (LoL) multiplayer games. The LoL games are played on a professional level as the biggest esport in the world, with over 800 professional players on over 100 teams. In 2020, they launched ‘LoL Esports‘, a platform and voice for the world-class competition who are committed to delivering events and entertainment that celebrate their international leagues.

I partnered with the Riot’s Global Esports team on three pillars of the ‘LoL Esport’ brand – creative directing and designing the logo animations, broadcast sting and video to launch the brand into the world.

The 'LoL Esports' logo animation is clean and modern, yet timeless. This was important to the Global Esports team, as they wanted to establish the longevity of the brand, while still feeling polished and premium.

Motion explorations of the 'LoL Esports' logomark that's inspired by the game map in League of Legends.

The broadcast sting was inspired by the magic animations from the League of Legends gameplay. We added a full sound environment that connected the sting to the energy of the LoL live championships.

Preliminary styleframes of a 3D direction for the broadcast sting. 3D design by Miguel Rato, compositing by Joyce N. Ho. We ultimately landed on a 2D direction, that was more in line with the logo animations.

Styleframes for the launch video that utilised the 'LoL Esport' logomark as a way to frame footage.