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I had the incredible honor of being the first female title designer for Semi Permanent. Made in partnership with Dropbox, the 2018 titles were a grand collaborative project where I had the opportunity to assembled and led a dream team of ten super-talented people of different disciplines, from all around the world.

I was tasked by the founder, Murray Bell, to create titles that spoke to the event theme of ‘creative tension’ while being playful, uplifting and would make the audience feel excited about the three days at the conference. Inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s work, the titles delve into a microscopic world and brings to life the real beauty of this unseen world. It follows the story of microorganisms from birth to death: representing ‘creative tension’ in three stages: pushing and pulling, friction, and release.

The process into making the titles were documented through four films by Ways & Means and accompanied by editorials for Semi Permanent (Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV). If you’re interested in learning more about the process, I’ve released a workshop with School of Motion and Holdframe on the project.

Behind The Scenes: Part 1

Behind The Scenes: Part 2

Behind The Scenes: Part 3

Behind The Scenes: Part 4

Inspiration came from Ernst Haekel, Klaus Kemp's diatom arrangements and microscopic cell structures

Type design and animation by Worship. I wanted the type for the sequence to be a focus of the piece, a conscious decision to go against the typical small, white type that titles are known for. Check out more BTS on the SP type on their project page.

Style frames from production

Behind the scenes: shot progression from blocking to final composition for one of my scenes.