Design Direction



My Heroes Were Cowboys‘ is a Netflix documentary about famous horse trainer, Robin Wiltshire. The film tells his story: how he became who he is, and how he came to love the old Westerns that would ultimately change his life.

I created the title sequence and graphic sequences for the film, based on the edit by Olivier Wicki. Collaborating closely with film director, Tyler Greco, I developed a design direction that was a modern-take of the Westerns of the past.

I worked on this sequence showcasing Robin's work. Editor, Olivier Wicki, provided a backbone for me to build my design and animation around.

My initial narrative for the title sequence had two parts that would bookend the film. The first part takes place during a sunrise, beginning with scenes that are bathed in warm, soft light. As the sun rises in the first half of the title sequence, light slowly creeps over the arid landscape and is used to signify the start of Robin’s day on his ranch.

The second part takes us through a sunset of a beautiful evening in Dubois. The light changes, becoming deep and saturated. It’s now twilight and the titles are set upon the backdrop of the setting sun.